Do you go to an event and see the same style of roller banners at every single booth? Are you looking to make your brand stand out from the crowd? Why not opt for a next generation stylish fabric display instead?

Printed on both sides, these striking displays solve the problem of having visible join lines on a large display, and are really easy to set up and dismantle, making them very portable and very practical to take around to various promotional events on the go.

They are made from a strong but lightweight tubular frame and a stretch fabric cover which just zips up over the frame on one edge, and is completely washable and changeable, for real brand versatility.

Once you have a frame, you can chop and change which branded fabric cover you want to use, making it very flexible if you have a lot of events to change, but with different messages for each audience.

The Paris-style fabric pop-up stand features handy storage baskets for literature while the Tokyo stand has a distinctive shaped top to make it stand out further among all the straight pull-up stands in the room.

There are also options both for larger curved display stands and for large straight display stands, which are made of one stretch fabric piece so no more trying to join the panels together only to find the designs don’t quite match up. Every marketer’s nightmare!

If you are holding an event where you need to display information or have interactive media as part of it, then this new cutting edge range provides the perfect solution. As well as the fabric stands, there are also options for a pop-up fabric table and a pop-up media stand which can hold a TV, tablet and has room for leaflets as well.

If you are holding an event outside, or want to attract the attention of people passing by, as you would expect from a fabric range, there are fabric gazebo style stands, and fabric banners available too, as well as floor-standing and backpack flags.

If you are looking for a really eye-catching alternative for your next exhibition then these fabric displays could be just the thing, offering a complete solution for trade shows, exhibitions and for indoor or outdoor events.

They have a very high quality finish thanks to the specialist techniques used to create them. They are developed using dye-sublimation and latex printing and this ensures every fabric display item produced, has a really high quality look and feel.

In terms of practicalities, the fabric covers just zip on and off the frames and can even be washed if something gets spilled down them at an event. The fabric used is fire retardant for extra peace of mind and meets safety standards so you can be confident in the quality of the materials but also in the safety and durability.

Contact us at Chelmer Print to find out more about our exciting new range of fabric displays and how they could help to brighten up your company promotions efforts today.

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