Whether you’re putting a sign on the outside of your shop or factory or just need some temporary promotional signage, the array of options for sign material can be confusing. Which will work best for you? Will the material you choose be durable? Why are there so many options, anyway? We created this list of facts and tips about sign materials to help you choose with confidence.

Correx board is a plastic material that resembles corrugated cardboard. You may hear it referred to as corrugated plastic, flute board, fluted polypropylene, or fluted plastic. It’s a common choice for its economical price. Correx board is flexible, durable, recyclable, crack-resistant, and water-resistant. It is light and easy to transport, and it’s simple to display. These signs are well suited to indoor or outdoor uses. Correx can be cut into customized shapes. You’ll see corrugated plastic used for outdoor signs, bollard covers, promotional signs, trade shows, estate agent signs, and directional signage.


You might hear Foamex referred to as PVC or foam sheet. It’s a lightweight, flexible, yet durable material that can also cut to shape but is more solid than Correx. It can be used indoors or outdoors and can easily be stuck, screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface. It is also M1/B1 fire-rated. We can supply either 3mm or 5mm Foamex which is useful in a range of applications. Some include fascia signs, wall signs, hoarding panels, site boards, directional signs, internal displays, trade shows, exhibitions, artwork, displays, hanging signs, and building or storefront signs.


For signs that need to be a little more durable, Dibond is a smart choice. It’s also referred to as aluminum composite panel (ACP) or ‘sandwich panel’. Dibond uses a polyethylene plastic inside encased in aluminum outside, making it a lightweight, strong, rigid material that stays flat. It’s suitable for use indoors and out this type of sign is often used in hoarding panels, POS/POP displays, trade show booths, gallery or museum signage, large format, fascia signs, directional signs, hanging signs, and building or shopfront signs.


Another option you may want to consider is PVC Banners. These are a popular choice for many sign types, and for good reason. They work well in small or large formats, are durable, and easily roll up to store for future events. PVC banner material is extremely versatile and has many uses. We can supply design printed onto 440gsm PVC and finish the banners with hems and eyelets so that it can easily be attached. Alternatively if your banner is going to be in a location susceptible to high wind you may wish to consider our 340gsm mesh PVC. This allows air to flow through it (this is ideal for use on scaffolding or large building wraps).


We have samples of all of the above materials. If you would like to see the difference between each one, just let us know and we can arrange to call in and go through them with you.