When our clients Doisy & Dam  – who make amazing chocolate – came to us for help with their exhibition at the Lunch Show, we were delighted to be involved in making sure their display stand stood out from the rest.

The Lunch Show is held at the Excel Centre, London, every year, and is the UK’s leading trade show for food-to-go so it’s a very important event for Doisy & Dam and they needed to have an exhibition stand which would make an impact.

They commissioned us to print a large PVC back drop banner, which formed the heart of their creative stand at the London event, featuring their company logo and brand colours to really highlight the company.

This project was quite unusual as the layout of their exhibition space meant the banner worked really well, sitting behind a table displaying their products, and surrounded on two sides by hanging displays featuring brand elements.

The overall effect, I think you will agree, is a stunningly simple, but effective, branded exhibition space which really draws you in. It’s a very different creative approach to using the space.

Fabric exhibition display stands

If you are planning an event and need a way to make your brand stand out from the crowd, we can help with other exhibition displays with a difference – why not try a roller banner with a twist and go for a modern and stylish fabric display stand?

Our fabric roller banners and exhibition stands are very portable and easy to put together, making it simple to take them around to lots of events. They are printed on both sides and avoid the issue of trying to match up images, unlike a regular stand.

They use a lightweight tubular frame and then your design is printed on a stretch fabric cover which just zips up around the frame along one side. It is also washable and once you have the frame, you can buy multiple fabric covers for different events or brands, making it very versatile.

There are also versions which come with space for literature, or multi-media, built-in and the styles will really stand out in a room full of regular roller banners.  There are also other matching products available, including fabric-covered tables and display podiums.

Standing out from the exhibition crowd

We can also help you stand out from the crowd at an exhibition with our range of roller banners – what’s different about that you might ask? Well, while we do offer all of our customers the chance to buy regular banners of course, we can also offer double-sided roller banners.

These give you the chance to be seen wherever your customers are in the room, and also to promote two different messages or products – one on each side – if you choose to. If you are based in the middle of an exhibition hall these double-sided banners make sure that customers will see you from every angle.

And to really stand out from the crowd, if you have the space, we offer one of the tallest banners out there, which will literally put your brand head and shoulders above the rest! At 2m x 3m it will really ensure your message towers over the competition.

Whether you need a PVC backdrop for a show at the Excel, London, like our friends at Doisy & Dam, or you need a striking and unusual roller banner, contact us for all your exhibition printing needs.

And if you are looking for excellent chocolate then we highly recommend you try out Doisy & Dam. It has certainly become a favourite at Chelmer Print! For more information, including where you can get your hands on this amazing chocolate, go to www.doisyanddam.com or follow them on Twitter or Instagram @doisyanddam